4EU+ Student Portal: Jetzt bewerben, mitmachen und mitgestalten!

Interessiert an europäischer Zusammenarbeit? An einer kreativen Aufgabe? Und: Lust auf einen Aufenthalt in Paris? Die Europäische Universitätsallianz 4EU+ erstellt ein “Student Portal” – und bietet Studierenden die Möglichkeit, sich im Rahmen einer Reihe von Workshops an dessen Erstellung zu beteiligen.

Die Workshops beginnen Ende März und enden Ende Mai. Bewerbungen sind noch bis einschließlich Samstag, den 12. März möglich.

Weitere Infos dazu finden sich in diesen FAQ, die wir auch unten stehend für euch kopiert haben, und im entsprechenden Anmeldeformular.

4EU+, the European University Alliance of which your institution is a member, is creating its Student Portal and is asking you, the students, to raise your voice and actively participate in its creation.

Wait. “4EU+”? “European University Alliance”? I think I’ve already seen this logo somewhere…

The 4EU+ European University Alliance is formed by Charles University, University of Copenhagen, Heidelberg University, University of Milan, Sorbonne University and University of Warsaw. These six universities decided to strengthen ties and closely collaborate in teaching, research, administration and all other aspects of university life. Moving across 4EU+ universities and taking online courses is already easier for you and we are working to build an integrated university system based on mutual trust. We want to learn from each other and create an international community of students and staff. You can find out more about 4EU+ and its activities on our website.

Ok… that sounds legit, but what’s that Student Portal stuff all about?

That’s exactly the question we are trying to answer. Is it a communications tool? A place where students get their information around 4EU+ activities? A platform where students interact and share experiences? If you want to get all philosophical about it, it’s just two words. The real question is what do you want them to mean. What is the student portal you would like to visit and interact with.

Oh, I see. So, what do I have to do? Write a report? Fill in a survey? I would definitely do that, it just sounds extremely boring.

You, alongside students from all 4EU+ universities, will participate in a series of online workshops. First there will be a brainstorming phase to collect and prioritize ideas on what features the student portal should include. At this stage there are no bad ideas! Afterwards, you and your fellow 4EU+ students will concretize your thinking and flesh out the best ideas into visual prototypes. Once the ideas are visualized into simple sketches, you will abandon the virtual world and hop on a real airplane for a very real workshop in Paris where you’ll join other 4EU+ stakeholders. There, our common vision for a student portal can be consolidated through a healthy dose of croissants, baguettes and creative discussion!

Online workshops? Thing is I’m pretty zoom-fatigued and I really don’t know if I’m up to it.

Oh… I see. Then it’s a real shame that you’ll miss out on:

  • Connecting and collaborating with students from six different EU countries,
  • Practicing your English (no, scrolling through memes does not count as practice),
  • Getting hands-on experience in product design through the Design Thinking method,
  • Get experience with new digital co-creative tools,
  • Having a chance to visit Paris,
  • Having your voice heard and co-create the future of 4EU+.

Sounds nice. Now, let’s say I wanted to participate, what would I have to do?

Easy peasy. Just fill in this form and we will get in touch with you. If you have any questions, please address your emails to [stavros.alchatzidis@sorbonne-universite.fr.]