Updated Bus Schedule in Heidelberg

From today onwards (April 7, 2024), a new and thouroughly revised bus network will be put into place in Heidelberg effective immediately.

You can find an overview of the new route network here: https://www.rnv-online.de/busnetzhd/

Please note that the timetable has been changed for practically all routes and buses and they now depart at different times!
See below for the most important changes particularly relevant for students travelling to and from university:

Getting to Universitätsplatz: Line 31 no longer goes to University Square, but lines 29 and 33 now do. However, No. 31 still stops at Peterskirche.
Getting to Campus Bergheim: You can no longer reach Campus Bergheim with Nos. 34 and 35 but via line 32 and the new line 36.
Coming from Neuenheimer Feld: No. 20A will be replaced by 28, otherwise everything remains the same.
Coming from Ziegelhausen: Line 33 no longer goes to Ziegelhausen, but 36 does.
Coming from Wieblingen/Pfaffengrund: No. 34 no longer stops at neither Wieblingen nor Pfaffengrund. No. 36 now drives through both – as well as Ziegelhausen. It also stops at Peterskirche and Campus Bergheim on the way – but no longer at Heidelberg main station.

All railway lines, however, remain unchanged.