Three Tips on VRNnextbikes

You’ve probably seen the blue rental bikes from VRNnextbike before! Their bike stations are located in many places in and around Heidelberg – including one directly at Universitätsplatz. For all those of you who are not yet familiar with the rental conditions, here are three useful tips:

(a) As a Heidelberg student, you can rent out these blue bikes all across town for 30 mins. FOR FREE! After that, you’ll have to pay only 50 Cts. every additional 30 mins.
To register, go to [] – you just need your Uni Mail Address and a starting credit of 1 €!

(b) Note that there is no daily limit on how often you can use these free 30 minutes – as long as you wait for at least 15 minutes in between each ride!

(c) As there apparently has been some misunderstanding: The aforementioned 30 mins. for free are by no means only valid in the VRNnextbike area. The contract states that “[said] rate is valid for all rentals within the VRNnextbike system and all national bike rental systems of nextbike GmbH that have been in operation since April 2021, excluding the Usedom, Bremen, Kiel, Munich and Nuremberg systems”. In other words: You can cycle around Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or Freiburg for 30 mins. free of charge!

For more background information on this offer – which is financed by the semester fee or a flat fee of 2,50 € – go to [].