StuRa Departments

The StuRa institutes departments for particular domains and elects students as said departments’ speakers. The speakers operate autonomously within their working areas and the scope of StuRa resolutions. They implement resolutions or work out templates if grounds for a decision are still lacking. They represent said resolutions at university, in politics and society. Department speakers coordinate activities within and respond to inquiries addressed to their departments. Together, the speakers constitute the Department Conference (RefKonf), which signifies the executive organ of the Constituted Student Body (VS). Department speakers can request an expense allowance. You can find an overview of all departments and their responsibilities as well as personnel here.

The StuRa Departments are:

Anti-Racism: For People affected by Racism & Discrimination

External Politics – University Policy Interconnectedness

IT – Technics, Data Privacy, Resistance against Surveillance

Finances – Consulting & Mastering all Financial Concerns of the VS

Health – Autonomous Health Department

Committees – VS Constitution & Committee-Coordination

Department for International Students

IT’s FuN – Inter*, Trans*, Women and Non-Binary

Culture & Sport – Music, Theatre, Cinema, Literature…

Teaching & Studying – ‘Uni doesn’t just mean Research’

Public Relations – Making StuRa (more) popular

Political Education – Lectures, Discussions, Protests

QSM – Quality Securing Devices

Queer – LSBTTIQ*

Social Affairs – A Place to Go to re. Social Matters

StuWe – ‘Everything re. Studierendenwerk’

Traffic – Mobility & Communal Matters

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